How much does it cost?
Our prices start from £595 depending on which package you choice and the time of the year.

Do you take a booking fee?
We do take a booking fee of £100. This secures your wedding date. After the booking fee we will send you a contract to be signed so you are covered.

What happens if we have to post pone the wedding?
If you have to move the wedding date we will book you in the new date subject to availability, with no additional cost.

Is videography your full time job?
Yes, as it takes so much time to produce the videos, DVDs and covers.

How long have you been filming weddings?
We have been filming weddings for 20 years, shooting over 700 weddings! So we know a bit about how a wedding works.

Will you attend the church rehearsal?
Yes, if the church is local we will always attend if possible, but it is subject to work commitments.

Do you move around during the service?
No, we are always tripod mounted and do not move around the church (most vicars and priests won’t allow it anyway).

Do you hold the necessary licence's to allow the filming of weddings?
Yes, we hold the CCL / PFFL licence, which has recently changed to the European Copyright Licensing (ECL)

Do you hold the necessary insurances?
Yes, we hold the Public Liability (required for National Trust venues) as per English Law.

How long will the DVDs take to produce?
It takes anywhere from 40-60 hours to complete.

How do I book your services?
To book please CLICK HERE to be directed to our wedding form. Please note bookings are only confirmed when we have received the booking fee and signed contract (we can't pencil dates in) as we do get booked very quickly.

How long after our wedding day will we receive the videos?
From receipt of Pre production sheets between 8/12 weeks depending on the time of year of your wedding but we do endevor to do them quicker. (please note if paperwork is delayed this  will affect delivery dates)

What are your terms and Conditions?
They can be found here by clicking this link.

Do you work well alongside the photographer?
Of course, we both have our own separate jobs to do and it is helpful to everyone that we work together. In fact, most of the photographers we work with recommend our services to their customers or we can recommend some of the best we work with regularly click here

Do you set shots up?
No, that is the photographer’s job, not ours! We film the wedding as it is capturing the atmosphere of the day. We pride ourselves on being unobtrusive, when we say our goodbyes to the bride and groom, most of them say they haven’t noticed us all day!

Are our DVD covers personalised?
Yes, we design every cover/disk individually (not just a square photo on it!). It is full colour and like something you would see on a film.

Have you ever filmed any celebrities?
Yes we were involved in the surprise of Gary Barlow in 2014 which we helped set up. Also we filmed footballer Roy Carroll’s wedding in 2001.

How far in advance should I book your services?
As soon as possible as we can only film one wedding on one day, therefore if we are booked on your date, we will be unable to help you. Once you have booked your service and reception venue, the videographer should then be booked along with the photographer, cars etc.

Why choose a professional Videographer?
When you choose to invest in a professional videographer , you're honouring the importance of your wedding day. Only a trained and experienced wedding videographer is prepared to capture the details of your special day, from the rush of preparations (if required) at the beginning of the day, through the emotional moments of the ceremony, and the excitement of the reception. Afterwards, creative editing will polish your DVD artistically and professionally to produce a DVD that not only documents your day, but is fun and entertaining to watch again and again!

What areas do you cover?
We offer full UK and European coverage but remember we can only do one wedding per day.

Aren’t videographers intrusive?
Good wedding videographers are less intrusive than most photographers. we firmly believe in the sanctity of the wedding ceremony and strive to be very unobtrusive. Our equipment is silent; we use long lenses so we are not in your faces. We don’t use lights during the ceremony (most don’t allow it), and at the reception we use low-level, variable-output lights. You will hardly know we're there until you pick up your completed wedding DVD, and then you won't believe your eyes!

Can you do titles, graphics, animations, special effects, and dubbed music?
Yes, our equipment can produce almost any video and audio special effect you can imagine. In addition, we use special effects effectively and appropriately to produce your DVD styled to suit you. Your video production will be "just like watching real TV." (and you won’t get any tacky heart dissolves etc).

Do your DVDs include chapters/scene selections?
Yes all our DVDs are authored with chapters and scene selections just like Hollywood movies and we produce these all in our studios in Stockport.

Can't I economise by getting a friend to video my wedding?
Of course you can, but if your DVD is important to you, you will be taking an enormous risk. Most amateur wedding DVDs are practically worthless--watched a couple of times (if that) and then forgotten. We couldn't begin to tell you of all the stories we've heard about dead batteries, muddy images, bad sound, shaky camerawork and no licence or insurance. So go ahead, if you dare!